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Aug 28, 2014

Few of the reasons why God has to pour out rains. #blessed #thankyouLord #rainythursday #philippines #nature #beautiful

Aug 27, 2014

I thought so…

Before, every time I pass by at every cafe I would think that it would be so cool if I also have a seat and munch something sweet and blog.  Then I come to realize that its all boring. Haha! Sitting in a cafe and typing things like this and not talking to anyone is more worse than staying at home on my pajamas, typing this kind of things and talking to my dog. Yes, I do talk to my dog. I wander how people can handle this. And the music is so destructing too! How can a cafe that looks classy and decent play rock music. UGH! Have they figure out about the purpose that this cafe wanted to provide  for the costumers before they even put this up!? Everything seems perfect here, the food, the furniture’s are just so cozy and I really feel at home except for the music. 

I’ve been on other cafe’s and restaurants and they all have the same problems for me. The type of music that they play. I received a lot of feedback’s and suggestion forms and I write the same thing again and again. 

In places like this, I think the management should really do something about it. I mean, in the restaurant where I went to dine with my mom and bro last weekend, I noticed one thing that for me is not very pleasing for the costumer. A restaurant where usually most of the costumers who come are families. Grandparents, parents, children, aunt’s and uncles. Playing songs of Rihanna, Eminem, Usher, Justin Bieber? I don’t think that that’s a great idea at all. And now I’m in a cafe wanting to relax plus its noisy outside and cold as well, what would be best to hear is something soft, music with the sound of piano or violin or acoustic guitar and not drum rolls and stuff like that. It doesn’t just blend well with the food and the place. When I stay in a cafe I would want to imagine a decent cozy place that can somewhat make me calm.. but with this setting it’s like Im sitting in a cafe that is seems to be decent and at the same time I can see some rock star rockin’ the cafe. Hahaha! Which is not so cool for me. 

Aug 27, 2014

Let’s keep it Real, shall we?

We cannot blame people with what they want to do in their lives. We have the so called freedom of choice right? So leave them with their own thoughts and actions. Let them judge their own selves and not you judging them and make them feel that you are superior than them. 

Aug 26, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @mukk2727 ♥.♥
#blessed #thankyouLord #loveher #happybirthday #friendship #godbless

Aug 25, 2014

Simple lang.

May mga bagay na bahagi na ng kulturang pinoy. Tulad ng mga paniniwala, kilos, gawa ng mga tao na minsan hindi na talaga maikubli na nagiging pangkaraniwan na lamang sa lipunan.
Tulad nalang ng sabing “filipino time”. Dati ang filipino time ay isa lamang kumpil sa mga taong hindi marunong sumunod ng tamang oras. At sa tagal ng panahon ito ay naging bahagi na ng kulturang pinoy. Nakakainis at nakakahiya kung alam ng lahat. Patunay na malakas ang impluwensiya nito sa mga tao pati narin sa mga dayuhang napaparito sa ating bansa.
Bat kaya ganun? Parang ang mga pilipino ay talagang ginugusto na din ang ganitong gawain. Na kung talagang iisipin ay nakakahiya at nakakawalang interes sa isang lugar.

Happy heart ♥.♥ #sabbathkeeper #blessed #thankyouLord #SeventhdayAdventist #philippines
Aug 23, 2014 / 1 note

Happy heart ♥.♥ #sabbathkeeper #blessed #thankyouLord #SeventhdayAdventist #philippines

#goodevening #hiking #lol #nature #mountain
Aug 22, 2014

#goodevening #hiking #lol #nature #mountain

Aug 22, 2014

Preparin for sabbath :) #loveher #family #pet #doglover #happysabbath #blessed #thankyouLord

Aug 22, 2014

Daw monopod :’D #happy #blessed #thankyouLord #longweekend #badminton #relax

Aug 18, 2014

My stress reliever ♥.♥ #loveher #family #pet #doglover